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Get a grip on your finances with these financial tools and calculators

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Posted by Peter Wouters

Jul 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Get-a-grip-on-your-finances-GettyImages-825154794I’ve written a number of articles on cash flow management: the issues with it, the domino effects of debt and savings, and ideas on how you can get a better grip on your finances. I’ve created a list of resources you can use to work through your own particular circumstances or offer to your clients as an aid to working through their financial cash flow management situations.

These tools, for the most part are easy to use forms you can complete on-line and print or save for personal use and review. I've written about the big difference little things can bring in term of identifying where your money goes and where it could go. One tool, My Expenses Calculator shows how small purchases can add up over time and how making small changes to spending habits can greatly impact your cash flow and your savings.

These tools can certainly assist you in optimizing your time, conversations and work with family members and accredited financial advisors. I trust you will find this collection of links to commonly requested calculators for cash flow management helpful on an ongoing basis. 


INV-Cash Flow Tools-1b

Budget Calculator 

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

INV-Cash Flow Tools-3b

My Expenses Calculator 

Government of Canada

INV-Cash Flow Tools-4b

Money Management & Budgeting 

Credit Canada

INV-Cash Flow Tools-5b

Budget Worksheet 

Office of Consumer Affairs

INV-Cash Flow Tools-6b

Vehicle Lease or Buy Calculator 

Government of Canada

INV-Cash Flow Tools-7b

Plan To Get Out of Debt 

Government of Canada

INV-Cash Flow Tools-8b

Set Your Savings Goals 

Government of Canada

INV-Cash Flow Tools-9b

What's Right For Me?

Empire Life

INV-Cash Flow Tools-2b

RRSP vs. Mortgage Calculator 

Empire Life


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