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Valuing Dad


Posted by Allison Barton

Jun 19, 2015 2:27:00 PM

Similar to our homage to Mother’s on their special day, we didn’t want to miss out on paying tribute to Dads and all that they provide for their families.

Of course, providing comes in different forms, whether that’s providing by working outside the home or being your greatest champion, moral compass, and educator of personal responsibility, Dad’s contributions inside the house should be valued as well.

How much do you think Dad is worth around the house?

No doubt, there would be varying responses to this question. However, below is a fun infographic that displays Dad’s value of work performed at home. The interactive version can be seen here.   

Considering Dad’s value

While it’s fun to put a dollar value on all of the household tasks that Moms and Dads perform, it’s also an “eye-opener” when you add up all of the time spent on household duties, and then begin to think about what a family would do if something unexpected happened to Dad. That is where life insurance can help. It can provide some additional financial security for family members left behind.

When determining how much life insurance is needed, it is important to look not only at any salary that may be affected but also on household contributions that would need to be covered. Although immeasurable in many ways, putting a value on Dad’s contributions is important. All of the duties and tasks performed by Dad would still need to be taken care of, which may mean hiring different services. 

Dads work hard to ensure their families are safe, secure, and taken care of, and life insurance can be the additional financial security for family members left behind. 

Term life insurance can be affordable, with a quick and simple on-line application process. Getting the life insurance you need to provide peace of mind for your family is easier then you may think.