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Life insurance: More affordable and simpler than you think

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Posted by Allison Barton

Jul 16, 2015 1:38:00 PM

It’s surprising that many people know that their families would benefit from having life insurance, but yet many people still don’t have it. Obviously, barriers exist for people – perhaps competing priorities, not knowing enough about what to purchase and where to start with the process, and thinking that it’s not affordable.

Term life insurance is more affordable than you think 

Term life insurance is designed to provide you with life insurance coverage for a specific length of time with the amount you pay during the initial term typically being lower than for other types of life insurance products, and the longer the term you purchase, the less the initial cost can be per year. The best thing about term life insurance is that it offers individuals with differing financial circumstances and income levels the ability to obtain affordable life insurance coverage when they need it most – when they have many financial responsibilities, young families and debt. 

Take action

Do you fall in any of the stats below? Do you know that you should have life insurance but you don’t have it? Do you think it is too expensive? Are you confused about how much to purchase and what product is best for you?  Luck favours the prepared – right? Take some time to find out what your life insurance needs are. Online tools exist to help you understand how much life insurance you need as well as online quoting tools to provide you with an idea of how much life insurance can cost. Start with what you can afford and add-on later if needed.  

Try it and see just how affordable and simple the process of purchasing life insurance can be.