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Winner! Fundata FundGrade A+ Awards

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Posted by Empire Life Investments

Jan 22, 2016 3:44:32 PM

Empire Life Investments
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In the midst of all this market volatility it feels good to announce that the Empire Life Emblem Growth Portfolio1, Elite Balanced Fund2, and Asset Allocation Fund3 are 2015 Fundata FundGrade A+ Award winners!

These award-winning funds exemplify our conservative, value-oriented, disciplined investment style, with a strong emphasis on providing downside protection to help preserve and build wealth.

While Empire Life and Empire Life Investments Inc. are honoured to be recognized again for our work in 2015, nothing is more satisfying than knowing that we’ve helped protect wealth and financial security especially in light of how difficult the markets were in 2015. This is what really keeps us motivated and committed to investing money for Canadians on a daily basis. We don’t know what 2016 will bring but rest assured that we will work as hard now as we have in the past.

Fundata picks the winners using an objective score-based calculation that determines the “best of the best” for each calendar year based solely on risk-adjusted performance. Here’s some more information about the winning funds.

Empire Life Emblem Growth Portfolio1 employs a tactical overlay that gives the ability to be opportunistic or defensive in different environments.
Empire Life Elite Balanced Fund2 - comprised of 80% equities and 20% fixed income
Empire Life Asset Allocation Fund3 - employs a tactical mix of mainly Canadian equity and fixed income securities.

1 Mutual funds offered by Empire Life Investments Inc.
2, 3 Segregated Funds issued by The Empire Life Insurance Company.

The FundGrade A+ rating is used with permission from Fundata Canada Inc., all rights reserved. Fundata is a leading provider of market and investment funds data to the Canadian financial services industry and business media. The FundGrade A+ rating identifies funds that have consistently demonstrated the best risk-adjusted returns throughout an entire calendar year. For more information on the rating system, please visit www.Fundata.com/ProductsServices/FundGrade.aspx.