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Sustainable Investing - The Time is Now

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  • Strong sustainable investing interest in the current environment
  • Record fund flows into Canadian sustainable investment funds
  • Wide interest/usage gap and demographic factors allude to potential for greater fund flows
  • Discussion and education will be important drivers going forward
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Financial markets at a glance - June 30, 2021

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Sustainable investing: Common myths and misconceptions - Part 3

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From an evidence point of view, the proliferation of sustainable investment strategies and strong fund flows into these products are easily researched through publicly available resources. Underlying these trends, however, is a more durable structural shift.

Myth #3: Sustainable investing is a fad

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Sustainable investing: Common myths and misconceptions - Part 2

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Myth #2: All sustainable investing approaches are essentially the same

It is vital in understanding the different approaches related to sustainable investing. While standards and definitions continually evolve, there are generally six approaches to sustainable investing. Depending on an investor’s motivation in considering sustainable investing, some approaches may be more relevant than others. 

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Sustainable investing: Common myths and misconceptions

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Sustainable investing has experienced increased interest over the past few years, with a sharp acceleration in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other high profile social issues, such as the Black Lives Matter movement. There are, however, some common myths and misconceptions among investors that may be new to modern sustainable investing approaches. This educational resource attempts to provide insight and clarification into what we believe are the most misunderstood issues.

Myth #1: Sustainable investing is the same as ethical investing

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Are we seeing the beginnings of supply pressure in the energy sector?

Investments, Off the Cuff

Ashley Misquitta shares his views on the potential impact that shareholders and courts are beginning to have on a few of the world's largest energy producers. 

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Emblem Portfolios in action - Asset Allocation Update, May 21, 2021

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Key takeaways:

Emblem Portfolios - Global: Increase Canadian, US, International equities; decrease cash, bonds.

Tactical Update - May 21, 2021

  • Economies in Canada, the United States, and Europe continue their gradual re-openings following their COVID-19 induced shutdowns.
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Style rotation is powerful, so is a disciplined investment process

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Key points:

  • Investors continue to shift money out of growth-oriented stocks into beaten-down value sectors.
  • Just like all the other factors, however, value may exhibit periods of underperformance.
  • The powerful rotation to value may continue and investors could benefit from holding the line on their value factor investments.
  • At Empire Life, we believe a comprehensive investment solution that offers proper diversification and a reasoned asset allocation strategy is a better option than chasing the returns of hot stocks or narrowly focused asset classes.
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2021 Federal Budget @ your fingertips

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Empire Life’s Peter Wouters helps Money Sense answer key questions about life insurance

Helpful Tips, Insurance

For the average consumer, getting the unbiased facts about life insurance in Canada can be challenging. When Money Sense magazine decided to put together a series of articles answering some of the key questions Canadians should consider when looking for life insurance, one of the first people they turned to was Empire Life’s own Peter Wouters, Director of Tax, Retirement and Estate Planning.

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