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Lieh Wang

Senior Portfolio Manager, U.S. Equities
Empire Life Investments Inc.
Gestionnaire principal de portefeuille, Actions américaines
Placements Empire Vie

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Off the Cuff with Amber Sinha

Investments, Off the Cuff

What does the BOE rate cut means to investors?

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Stock selection is key to investment success.

Investment Views, Investments

Recently, Empire Life achieved impressive results with 76% of long-term assets under management in the first and second performance quartiles according to Investment Executive’s analysis of segregated fund family performance in 2015.

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A Typical Day in the Markets

Investment Views, Investments

5:49am Did I miss my alarm? Where's my iPhone? How do the futures look? Wow. S&P up 10 points. Quite a reversal from last night. Wonder what turned it around? I think I can sneak in another few minutes of sleep before the alarm goes off.

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