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Could Trump-Reagan parallels mean a secular U.S. dollar boom?

Investments, Investment Views

Try Googling “Trump and Reagan” and you will get plenty of material on the comparison between the two, on so many fronts. Even in the financial markets, the foreign exchange market seems to have started to price in a scenario that the Trump presidency will be something like Reagan’s in the 1980s – a scenario that includes a U.S. dollar boom.

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Investment implications of the changes in the GICS sector structure

Investments, Investment Views

The Global Industry Classification Standards (GICS) just went through its first significant structural change since its inception in 1999. After the market close on August 31, 2016, Real Estate (formerly an industry group within Financials) was promoted to its own sector. The new GICS structure now consists of eleven sectors. GICS is the foundation for equity index structures and investment portfolio positioning. This change may have a significant impact on not only sector characteristics but also asset allocation decisions across the entire investment industry.

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