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Amber Sinha

Portfolio Manager, Global Equities
Empire Life Investments Inc.
Gestionnaire de portefeuille, Actions mondiales
Placements Empire Vie

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Getting Closer to the Finish Line on Brexit

Investments, Off the Cuff

Amber Sinha discusses three possible Brexit scenarios and what they mean in this Off the Cuff video. 

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UK Election Implications

Investments, Investment Views

The referendum is pretty much a done deal now, although the outcome of the referendum is obviously unknown at this time. Generally, in my experience, there is a lot of hype when there is an upcoming referendum but when people go to vote, there is a bias towards the status quo (as seen in Scotland recently). So I would not consider the Conservative win as the expression of peoples' desire to leave the European Union (EU) - but rather the inability of the Labour party to offer much to the people in this election.

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Swiss Surprise!

Investments, Investment Views

When we think of Switzerland, a few things instantly come to mind – chocolates, watches, the Alps, and Swiss Banks among other things. One thing that doesn’t is surprises, and that is exactly what we got last week. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) decided to abruptly end more than a three-year peg with the Euro. The peg was initiated in 2011 with the big Swiss exporters in mind but maintaining the peg in the face of likely game changing monetary policy initiatives by the European Central Bank probably seemed too risky.

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