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Time for another RRSP strategy

Investments, Personal Finance

A lot of people have problems coming up with large annual deposits for their RRSPs. It's one reason they contribute at the end of the year.

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Time for an RRSP strategy

Investments, Personal Finance

If you are like many investors, you tend to wait until the usual Mar 1st deadline to make your RRSP contribution for the previous tax year.

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… But Mine Is Different …My Trusted Advisor

Helpful Tips, Insurance


According to surveys conducted by the Life Insurance Market Research Association (LIMRA), historically, the public opinion of the life insurance sales person has not been positive.

In fact, in the narrative portion of the surveys, where respondents were asked to describe the typical insurance sales person, they often used words such as “pushy” and “untrustworthy.”  

However, there was also good news in these surveys. Respondents who had a relationship with an insurance sales person invariably added the words, “ … but mine is different". They also added phrases such as my insurance person “is a pillar of the community,” or “is knowledgeable and helpful, and I would trust him or her with my life”.  But mine is different.

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A Typical Day in the Markets

Investment Views, Investments

5:49am Did I miss my alarm? Where's my iPhone? How do the futures look? Wow. S&P up 10 points. Quite a reversal from last night. Wonder what turned it around? I think I can sneak in another few minutes of sleep before the alarm goes off.

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